Whippoorwill Farms SC

About Whippoorwill Farms SC

Focus: Sustainably Raised Pork, Free Range Rabbit, Pastured Chicken, Natural Eggs, Seasonal Veggies
Location: Jasper County, SC
Website: whippoorwillfarmssc.com
Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

A young, small acre farm, owned and operated by husband and wife duo, Marissa Paykos and James Young and their 4 year old daughter Ellie, their focus is always on the humane treatment and health of their animals and providing an outstanding product to the public.

The farm was kind of an accidental dream that Marissa had. If you’d asked her 5 years ago what she’d be doing, she’d have never had said, farming. But after realizing her true passion after purchasing the land with her husband, Marissa worked to eventually be able to leave her corporate job to tend to the farm full time. A once vegetarian, Marissa’s passion comes from her desire to provide love to every animal, regardless if it is for slaughter or not. You can feel that when speaking to her, as her passion for her animals and their well being is so clearly expressed.

As a small acre farm, they raise a limited amount of livestock, but their products and their quality are top notch and that has always and will remain their focus rather than large quantities. To get on their text alert list to find out what products they are bringing to the market each week, text MEATLOVERSUNITE to 555-888

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